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Our New Online Store is Now Open

We're excited to announce that all the Emporium Vitreum products are now available for purchase on our new e-commerce platform.

The original Emporium Vitreum site will stay active for some time, but unfortunately it is no longer compatible with some new PayPal security requirements, so we had to make a change.

The new site is on Shopify, and easy to remember:

Additionally, I am adding interesting products to the new website every week, too many to mention, so check out the new products section.



Wait there's more! Schauer Lead-Bearing Enamels, Steel Plates and more Mason Stain Kits.




Vitreco Enamel Wafers - Mixed Buttons



Thin enamel wafers & buttons, when fired result in beautiful mini enamel flowers. The wafers can be adhered to an enamel surface with an adhesive gum (Klyr-Fire) or they can be placed on an un-fired, powdered enamel background. Fire at 1500-1550ºF until flat. Wafers make small delicate flowers. Buttons make flowers about twice the size of wafers. Try both to achieve variation in size. Wafers are 2-4 mm diameter and spread to 5-7 mm when fired. Buttons are 5 mm diameter and will spread to 7-9 mm when fired.

Sold in 2.5 gram packages. Colors vary from batch to batch, per our supplier.

These wafers and buttons are very fragile, they do come to us with broken pieces. Please be advised all of the wafers and buttons will not be whole.


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Milestone Decals for Glass, Ceramic or Enamel -Sunflowers



This listing is for one approximately 5.25 inch x 4 inch (13.3 x 10 cm) sheet containing 11 sunflower decals. The decals average 0.75 in wide by 2 in high (2 x 5 cm).

FUNDRAISER! 100% of profits from the sale of these Sunflower decals will be donated to UNICEF Ukraine. UNICEF is worldwide organization committed to helping children in conflict zones have access to food, shelter, medical treatment and education.

Decal application and firing instructions 


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YOU ASKED! We are now carrying Schauer Enamels.


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