Storage Idea Shared and Torch Firing Suggestions!

Storage Idea Shared and Torch Firing Suggestions!

I was on a zoom call with Marilyn from Owen Sound tonight, chatting about Mica powder and torch enameling.  During our discussion I noticed the amazing way Marilyn organizes her enamels and she was kind enough to share!   Check this out:


I love this!   Thank-you for sharing Marilyn.

During our chat about Torch Fired Enamels I showed her my Favourite torch head.   I have been using this forever in my studio to do almost everything. 

It turns out I am not the only one that likes this kind of torch.   In this Interweave Article/Video you will see the same type of torch being used:

15+ Enameling Tips: Safety and Basics for Bringing Color to Your Jewelry (

I have a few for sale on the site too: 

Emporium Vitreum Enamel Supply · Products · My Favourite Torch Head! · Shopify (





Chat soon!



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