Collection: Schauer Enamels

Schauer is an Austrian brand dating back to 1874. These enamels are manufactured in a unique way which allows for more scope in producing colour variances.

This does mean that the properties of this range can vary from colour to colour. They can also be manipulated in the firing process by over and under firing.

This is lead-bearing rich coloured enamel

Enamels may be lead bearing or lead free.  Lead provides increased refractive properties making them appear brighter. It’s also a color stabilizer allowing the enamels to be fired more frequently than lead-free options. 

Leaded Enamels can be used safely with the proper precautions

  • Always wear a dust mask rated N95 or higher when screening or sifting enamel
  • Do not work where you eat or eat where you work
  • Use damp clean up methods such as a damp rag or mop, rather than dry dusting or sweeping when cleaning up an enameling area.
  • When firing enamels, especially those with lead, run an exhaust fan to vent your studio. This can be as simple as a box fan in a window