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Vitrearc Acrylic Enamel Tube- AC 911E BLUE

Vitrearc Acrylic Enamel Tube- AC 911E BLUE

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Sold in 1/3 fl. oz. collapsible tubes. Standard enamel powder bound and dispersed in a transparent, water emulsion of acrylic polymer resin. A multi-purpose artist’s medium in brilliant colors. All colors can be intermixed. Paint thin or buttery thick using brush, palette knife, spatula etc. Dry one color, overlap with a second or third – one fire. Use in combination with water color enamels, enamel marking crayons, or 80 mesh enamel. Good silk screening potential, water clean-up. The special blends are gold and/or silver bearing.

Firing Temperature: 1450 F for about  1 – 1 1/2 minutes

** Actual color appears after firing.

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