Collection: Dichroic Glass Frit - Coatings By Sandburg

Emporium Vitreum is now providing Coatings by Sandberg dichroic products for Glass Artists for our Canadian customers!  

Dichroic Glass is a multi layer coating placed on glass by using a highly technical vacuum deposition process. Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides are Vaporized with an electron beam gun in an airless vacuum chamber and the vapor then floats upward and attaches then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. Our colors have as many as 30 layers of these materials yet the thickness of the total coating is approximately 35 millionths of an inch. The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and by careful control in thickness, different colors are obtained.

Note:  I was able to use the smaller frit on an enamelled piece by torch firing.