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M-12 Bright Liquid Gold

M-12 Bright Liquid Gold

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Can be applied like paint with a brush or crow quill nib. Fired low.
2 g bottle

The actual formula of Liquid Bright Gold is a solution of gold dissolved into an organic acid and then suspended into a thick solvent based solution for ease of application. Additional heavy metals, such as chromium, rhodium, indium and even platinum can be added to the gold solution specifically to increase or improve the glossy appearance, surface hardness, color and thickness of the fired result as well as to increase the finished adhesion to the glaze or glass substrate. A higher amount of gold in the solution is not always automatically the better product and as such higher gold content is seldom desirable for the typical applications in the ceramic arts due to application and firing issues. Regardless of the actual amount of gold in the Liquid Bright Gold solution, the Liquid Bright Gold finished product is usually rated as being 18 karat up to 22 karat gold in purity.

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