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Thompson Liquid Enamel 800 Petal Pink- 1 oz

Thompson Liquid Enamel 800 Petal Pink- 1 oz

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Sold in 1 ounce quantities.

Brushable enamels contain a workable blend of glass clay and electrolytes. You need only add water.

TO MIX: Make a well in the container, and add water to the centre slowly. Allow it to soak into the enamel powder. Use a palette knife to draw the enamel from the sides down into the well while slowly adding water until there is just enough water for the entire surface to look moist.

Stir with palette knife and add water until the desired consistency. Check by dipping a dry spoon into the mixture. It should just coat the spoon.

Try dipping a small piece of copper, drying and firing to see what consistency works best for you.

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