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2300 Opalescent Green (A)- 1 oz

2300 Opalescent Green (A)- 1 oz

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Opalescent enamels are semi transparent, usually getting more transparent the higher they are fired. They need a special firing to achieve opalescence. Remember opalescence cannot be achieved over another layer of enamel. The copper oxides that are absorbed in a 'next-to-copper' firing are essential for developing the opal effect. If opal enamels are fired over other enamels they will never be truly opalescent - but they will be partly clear and can be very effective in cloisonne for creating a semi-transparent alabaster effect with a great deal of depth.  "The procedure I recommend for achieving opalescence is to fire once high to achieve transparency, and then low for 3 to 4 minutes to develop the effect. "Opal colours are soft and ACID SENSITIVE Dilatometric.

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