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Dicro Slide (TM) - Dicro Slide Frit

Dicro Slide (TM) - Dicro Slide Frit

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This bag of frit is the equivalent to 70 square inches of dicroslide. Just under five 4x4 squares of dicroslide.

These amazing Dicro Slides create beautiful patterns and colours on enamelled pieces, so easy to use and the result is stunning!  

About Dicro Slide:

"This new application for dichroic coating was developed through the creative thinking and technical expertise of Howard Speelman, (GlassHopper Patterns) and Dan Crow, (Spirit of Glass). Dicro Slide combines a quality dichroic coating with special paper, which results in a layer of dichroic strong enough to be transferred to glass or ceramics.

Dicro Slide has no COE so it works well with most glass and enamels. It can be cut with scissors, paper punches or craft knives, is simple to use and fires easily to 1500°.


• Cut & cleaned pieces of same COE, glass in black, clear &/or assorted colors of various sizes. • A shallow water container (try a plastic plate).
• Clean water and paper towels. Distilled water is recommended! (Tap water can contain trace metals which may change Dicro Slide results.)
• Scissors and paper punches in a variety of shapes.
• Wooden skewers for positioning Dicro Slide on glass. Small, fine texture sponge to smooth out air bubbles. A small makeup sponge is also helpful.
• Long handled tweezers, if desired. Use these carefully, they may mark the dichroic!"



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