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Duncan Mother of Pearl Overglaze - 1/2 oz

Duncan Mother of Pearl Overglaze - 1/2 oz

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OG 801 Mother of Pearl Overglaze By Duncan   

Mother-of-Pearl is a translucent overglaze with a lustrous iridescence. 1/2 oz. jar.


Mother of Pearl is a translucent overglaze with a lustrous iridescence, and creates an iridescent look when properly applied and fired.

Its appearance is determined by the Enamel that it is applied over. For ease of application, each brush-on overglaze is tinted with its own special color. Mother-of-Pearl has a blue tint.

How to use Precious Metals

1. Be sure that the surface of your piece is free of dust, skin oils and lotions to ensure proper adhesion. Wipe surfaces with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the overglaze 

2. Always apply with a brush that is designated solely for use with the Gold to prevent contamination.

3. Do not stir or shake glaze.

4.  Apply one smooth coat. Do not let it pool in an area; brush it out smoothly.

5. Correct application should produce a blue tint.

6. Clean brush in Essence (see Essence brush Cleaner) and let dry.

7. Fire at lower temperature once dried.

Tips & Techniques

1. The appearance of Mother of Pearl will vary with the type of enamel over which it is applied. 

3. If any areas are missed, go back and touch up before overglaze dries.

4. If using a metallic overglaze and Mother of Pearl on the same piece, apply and fire the metallic overglaze first.

Overglazes have a caution warning label on every product on this page due to the presence of heavy metals or organic solvents in each product.  Children and women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should never use these products.  The odors from these products can be especially noxious during product application and firing.  Refer to the MSDS on the Duncan website for additional information.

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