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PK-1 Painting Enamel Kit

PK-1 Painting Enamel Kit

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The painting enamel kit is for use with miniature painting and other painting techniques. These colors can be intermixed to make largest pallet of painting colors the Thompson has to offer. These painting enamel colors are made by mixing Thompson’s Ceramic Pigments, with either 913 Mixing White or Painting Flux, and blending with a special painting oil.

The Painting Kit consist of:
Ceramic Pigments: Approximately 9 grams of each of the following:
• OC-16 Blue
• OC-18 Blue
• OC-32 Yellow
• OC-50 Black
• OC-70 Red
• OC-71 Orange
• OC-82 Yellow Brown
• OC-83 Brown
• OC-85 Red Brown
• OC-95 Red Purple
• OC-169 Tan Yellow
• OC-170 Blue-Green

Painting Colors:
• 1705P Yellow Pink
• 1708P Pastel Pink
• 1715P Lavender Pink

Painting Flux:
• PF-1 1 oz dry powder

Mixing White:
• 913E 1 oz dry powder

Painting Oil:
•A-12 2 fl. oz


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