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Reflective Glass Beads - 4 sizes - 1 oz

Reflective Glass Beads - 4 sizes - 1 oz

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These are top quality Reflective Glass Beads that add dimension and texture to your enamelling.  These are suitable for both Torch Fired and Kiln Fired Enameling.

 These are placed on pre-enamelled surfaces with Klyr Fire, and then fired. 

Sometimes the smaller ones do not hold as well, and you might want to fire again.  I find a thicker coat of enamel holds them in place better.   The tiny ones are better seen with a few more placed in place.   Also, it is recommended that you not put another layer overtop of the beads as it will hide the reflective nature.

These look amazing as the centre of a flower!, or as stars, so fun!

These reflective glass beads are available in several sizes.   Each pack contains 1 oz of beads.  .5mm, 1.2mm, 3mm, and 5mm.  


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