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Emporium Vitreum Enamel Supply

Vitreco - Floral Enamel Wafers

Vitreco - Floral Enamel Wafers

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Thin enamel wafers & buttons, when fired result in beautiful mini enamel flowers. The wafers can be adhered to an enamel surface with an adhesive gum (Klyr-Fire) or they can be placed on an un-fired, powdered enamel background. Fire at 1500-1550ºF until flat. Wafers make small delicate flowers. Buttons make flowers about twice the size of wafers. Try both to achieve variation in size. Wafers are 2-4 mm diameter and spread to 5-7 mm when fired. Buttons are 5 mm diameter and will spread to 7-9 mm when fired.

Sold in 2.5 gram packages. Colors vary from batch to batch, per our supplier.

These wafers and buttons are very fragile, they do come to us with broken pieces. Please be advised all of the wafers and buttons will not be whole.

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